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Week in Review - March 14, 2014

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District Stories
Bond information now online

The district has developed a comprehensive web page detailing information for the April 22 bond proposal to build a new Science building at Walla Walla High School. Learn more at: http://www.wwps.org/wahi-bond-2014

Bond Web Page Highlights:
- Project benefits
- Property tax impact (including online calculator)
- Construction costs (including state comparisons)
- Architectural renderings
- Teacher statements

District plans Wa-Hi Science Building Open Houses

Community members are encouraged to visit the Walla Walla High Science building during two open house events to learn more about the April 22 bond proposal. Wa-Hi Science teachers will be in attendance to provide guided tours of the 50-year-old facility. District administrators and school board members will also be present to answer questions. Learn more about the bond proposal on the district website: www.wwps.org.

Open House Details:
- Thursday, March 27
- Monday, March 31
- 6 to 8 p.m. (both evenings)

Farm-to-School Update - By Program Coordinator Beth Thiel

This month we celebrate local garbanzo beans from Blue Mountain Seed. The Nutrition Services Department will be serving the beans in a delicious soup on Thursday March 20 for lunch and samples will also be available thanks to our devoted tasting table volunteers! Plan to have soup for school lunch to show your support for the Farm-to-School program.

Winter Garden Club just finished up at four elementary schools. They enjoyed seed starting and plant measurement, art, weather measurements, farmer visits and installing a compost tumbler at Green Park. Thank you Eleanor Ellis, Americorps garden coordinator, for building this program! Spring Garden Club, open to all students at Sharpstein, Green Park and Prospect Point will be starting after spring break.

Community is invited to join the discussion about the sustainability of School Gardens. Next week, Wednesday March 19, 4:30 p.m. at the Walla Walla Public Library, we will hear a summary of information heard from two other school garden programs in Washington and hear from WWPS Curriculum Department about their interest in utilizing school gardens.

For those interested in helping bring students to their school gardens for hands on lessons, trainings did take place at the school district office board room. If you missed these, but would like to volunteer, please contact Beth Thiel or your school's garden coordinator.

State to survey Walla Walla parents on student to and from school travel

The Washington State Departments of Health and Transportation are conducting a short telephone survey of parents at Blue Ridge, Edison, Garrison Middle School, Pioneer Middle School, and Prospect Point. The survey asks how students travel to and from school. The information will be used to improve student transportation. The survey is voluntary, but if you do not want to be called, contact the Department of Health toll free at 1-844-220-7787 before March 25, 2014.

Please leave the name of your child’s school and phone number so they can remove your phone number from the contact list. Please note that the Department of Health does not have your name so they cannot remove you from the contact list unless you leave your phone number and school. For more information, contact Charlotte Claybrooke at the Department of Transportation (360) 705-7302.

No School Friday, March 14

- Spring Professional Day
- Classes resume Monday, March 17

School Board Meetings Tuesday, March 18

Executive Session: 5:30 – 6:00 p.m.
Superintendent’s Conference Room/364 S. Park Street

Technology Demonstration: 6:10 p.m.
District Board Room/364 S. Park Street

Regular Board Meeting: 6:30 p.m.
District Board Room/364 S. Park Street

Executive Session: The Walla Walla School Board has scheduled an executive session on March 18 at 5:30 p.m. to review the performance of a public employee. The executive session will be held in the superintendent’s conference room and is expected to conclude by 6:10 p.m. Any decision or action regarding the discussion will be made in an open public meeting. The executive session is not open to the public.

Technology Demonstration: Prior to the regular meeting, the Board of Directors will see a demonstration on technology upgrades for posting and viewing board documents electronically. The demonstration will be held in the district board room.

Regular Board Meeting: At the regular meeting the board will be asked to approve or authorize as appropriate a personnel report; out-of-state travel; extracurricular contracts; March 18 accounts payable; February financial report; Policy 4130 District Parent & Family Involvement/Title 1 annual review; minutes of March 3 work session; minutes of March 4 regular board meeting; minutes of March 6 special board meeting, Policy 3243 Telecommunications/Electronic Devices; Head Start ECEAP Program Eligibility policy revisions; Head Start/ECEAP Program Selection Process policy revisions; Head Start/ECEAP Program Enrollment & Re-enrollment policy revisions; and asset preservation annual review.

A school report will be given highlighting the Gear Up LEAP conference. Walla Walla High School will receive recognition by the AFS Intercultural Program.

Reports will be given by the Board of Directors and Superintendent. The board will hear a first reading of Policy 3246/Use of Reasonable Force and Policy 3247/Isolation and Restraint of Students with IEPS and Section504 Plans. The regular school board meeting is open to the public.

School Stories
Exchange Club honors Lincoln High School students

Lincoln High School seniors Kalvin Foster and Destiny Arms received Exchange Club of Walla Walla Youth of the Month Awards this month. These students will also be eligible to compete for the Exchange Club of Walla Walla Youth of the Year Award and a special $1,000 college scholarship. The 2013-14 Youth of the Year Theme: “Parading the spirit of community service with passion and commitment.”

Foster’s GPA has advanced from 1.9 to a 3.74 during his time at Lincoln High School. Kalvin is an accomplished artist and has an extensive portfolio in ink, graphite and watercolor. He is also a musician and plays in a band. He plans on attending Eastern Washington University to pursue a degree in Visual and Studio Arts.

Arms moved to Walla Walla in the spring of 2013 from Arizona. When she started at Lincoln High School, she had only 3.5 credits and was finishing her junior year. Her grade point average is now 3.9 and she is on track to graduate. She worked extra hours in the contract program while taking a full class load at Lincoln High School to make up credits. She is planning to attend Walla Walla Community College to earn a two year degree in Wind Turbine Technology. Her goal is to receive a Marine Biology degree from Western Washington University.

2014-2015 Walla Walla High School ASB Officers

President - Frankee Cannone
Vice President - Emma Jenkins
Secretary - Cassidy Meliah
Treasurer - Jenny Bautista

Wa-Hi Music students shine at regional music festival

Walla Walla High School students participated in the Columbia Basin Music Educators annual Vocal Solo & Ensemble Festival at Pasco High School. This event was hosted by Wa-Hi graduate Rob Dennis. The choir program had 57 entries in the festival. The students prepare and perform for adjudication and perhaps to represent the region in the All-State Solo & Ensemble Contest. Wa-Hi students placed in all but four of the categories!

• State Nominee: Daisy Schoen
• First Alternate: Elena Janis

• State Nominee: Anna Apostilidis
• Second Alternate: Madison Garrett
• Sing-off Finalist: Maggie Buob

• State Nominee: Jaime Quaresma
• First Alternate: Piper Titus
• Second Alternate: Talia Grandstaff
• State Nominee: Michael Anderson

• State Nominee: Bryson Gobel
• First Alternate: Justyn Filan

Women’s Small Ensemble:
• State Nominee: GDP Trio (Gina Lincoln/Daisy Schoen/Piper Titus)

Women’s Large Ensemble:
• First Alternate: Belles Voix

Mixed Small Ensemble:
• State Nominee: Alandra Dalan/Isaac Johnson Duet
• Second Alternate: Caelum Navicula
(Katelyn Rickords/Matt Bowler Duet)
These students will join the following instrumentalist at the All-State Solo & Ensemble contest in April:
Wa-Hi String Trio & Wa-Hi Large String Ensemble
Velia Saldivar, Emma Spencer, Jennifer Chio. Eric Cho, William Liening, Lucas Larreau & Kurt Funk

Hannah Cabasco Wa-Hi Clarinet is First Alternate

On another note, Daisy Schoen has been accepted into the Vocal program at Indiana University.

Green Park Nutrition Manager receives state award

Green Park Elementary Nutrition Manager Jeanna Quistberg, was awarded the Washington state Louise Sublet Award of Excellence. This award is for School Nutrition Managers, who have conducted a year-long project which has positively impacted their school nutrition program. The award recognizes managers who have successfully implemented a special idea to improve their school nutrition program.

At Green Park, Jeanna worked with the second graders, explaining MyPlate (see their Website at http://www.choosemyplate.gov/) with a focus on Fruits and Vegetables. She conducted taste tests to help students explore new flavors while promoting new salads into the lunch program. This helped student’s better understand the new Fruit & Vegetable requirements as well. Quistberg may travel to the National Convention in Boston to receive her award.

Community Stories
The Whitman Mentor Program celebrates its connection to the community - By Whitman College

On the sunny afternoon of March 7, the Whitman Mentor Program hosted their annual Mentee to Campus Day carnival, taking over the Reid Campus center with ring tosses, bowling, a bouncy castle and a cotton candy machine. The carnival is an yearly celebration of the friendship built between Whitman student mentors and local elementary school students who share lunch and recess every week.

“Our Whitman students are rock stars who offer consistent, positive role modeling, making a difference in the lives of local children each week,” said Student Engagement Center Outreach Coordinator Susan Prudente in an email to the campus community.

The Whitman Mentor Program began in 1994 as a direct result of a senior psychology thesis done by Jamey Wolverton ’94. Wolverton was interested in how a mentor relationship would affect “at-risk” third, fourth, and fifth graders. His case study, though only a year long, paired 23 Whitman students with elementary school pupils at Berney Elementary School in Walla Walla, and found that – among those pupils – attendance increased and self-esteem improved significantly.

Since then, the program has only continued to grow. Currently, there are over 160 mentor pairs in eight Walla Walla public schools. Mentors visit once per week, when they eat lunch and play with their mentee during recess. The program puts on the Mentee to Campus Day annually to celebrate the connection between mentors and mentees, and to inspire young children to attend college like their mentors.

“This program would not be possible without the partnership with the Walla Walla Public Schools,” Prudente said. “They welcome Whitman students into their buildings Monday through Friday, every week of the academic year, so this is a two-way street.

“Our students show up, they have lunch with a K-5 student, and play with them at recess, much like you’re seeing here today. They are a consistent friend who, over the course of time, really makes a difference in that child’s social and emotional health.”

Studies have shown that young people who participate in mentoring relationships are more likely to attend college, place higher value on school, 50% more likely to come to class, 46% less likely to initiate drug use and 27% less like to drink illegally.

“I have mentored Reina all four years; she is a fifth grader, and I am a senior. Next year, she’s going to be going onto middle school, and I will graduate,” Whitman Mentor Student intern Cristela Delgado-Daniel ’14 said. “This day is the culmination of our whole year. Basically, for me, it’s the last time we really get to play together, so this day means a lot to me.”

Violence Prevention topics discussed during annual conference

- Walla Walla Violence Prevention Conference
- Thursday, March 27
- Whitman College
- Full schedule of dynamic and informative sessions
- http://www.wwviolenceprevention.com/schedule.html#t1030
- Information: Chalese Rabidue, MSW - Domestic Violence Services Officer, WW Police Department / 509.524.4400

Walla Walla students plan trip to Europe for World Grand Prix dance competition

Eight girls from Walla Walla Public Schools and two from Pendleton are planning a trip to Europe this summer to participate in dance ballet in a World Grand Prix competition. The WWSD students are: Romey Drabek, Lisi Dobson, Sophie Rolph, Renee Heller, Oriana Golden, Brooke Perkins, Catherine Janis, and Taya Lovejoy. The girls are organizing fundraisers to raise the $4600 they each need to complete the trip.

Fundraiser information:

Grandmother’s Roundtable plans forum on tax breaks

Grandmother's Roundtable Presents: Are Tax Breaks Breaking Us?  Monday, March 17, WWCC, Room 185, 7 to 9 p.m.  Forum Speakers: Nabiel Shawa, WW City Manager; Pat Reay, College Place City Administrator; Debra Antes, WW County Assessor; Susan Palmer, Moderator.

Altrusa plans annual Spelling Bee

Altrusa International of Walla Walla is hosting its annual Spelling Bee for third, fourth and fifth grade students on Saturday, May 10, 2014.  The event will take place in the Hunter Conservatory on the Whitman College Campus and is open to the first 100 students who return entry forms.   More information and all forms are available on the district website under the A to Z section.   Copies of entry applications, rules and practice spelling words will be available in all elementary school offices after March 18. The deadline for applications is April 23, 2014.

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