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Week in Review - June 10, 2016

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District Stories
Personnel Report (from June 7, 2016 School Board Meeting)

Administrative: P. Michelle Carpenter, Principal, Berney Elementary School
Kerri Coffman, Director of Assessment and Special Programs, Teaching and Learning
Maria Garcia, Principal, Sharpstein Elementary School

Tina Brennan, Second Grade, Blue Ridge Elementary School
Faydale Curtice, Special Education, Walla Walla High School
Erin Dorso, New Teacher Induction Coach/Mentor Teacher, Teaching and Learning
Kristen Glaeser, Drama, Walla Walla High School
Cameron Greminger, Science, Walla Walla High School
Misha Guderian, Music, Pioneer Middle School/Lincoln High School
Karen Hanson, Second Grade (temporary), Edison Elementary School
Amy Kasenga, Bilingual Elementary, Blue Ridge Elementary
Emma Kubrock, School Psychologist (.4 FTE), Special Education
Elizabeth Monahan, Curriculum Coordinator, Teaching and Learning
Susan Yenney, Special Education, Blue Ridge Preschool

Danica Bentley, Para-Educator, Green Park Elementary School
Sharis Colvin, Para-Educator, Walla Walla High School
Maria Cuellar, Health Room Assistant, Garrison Middle School
Brittney Cutlip, Para-Educator, Green Park Elementary School
Richard Jimenez, Para-Educator, Walla Walla High School
Kent Mayberry, Para-Educator, Walla Walla High School
Shelly Norsworthy, Para-Educator, Lincoln High School
Fabiola Salgado, Health Room Assistant, Edison Elementary School

Coaching: Emma Eskil, Dance Coach, Walla Walla High School

Olga Garcia, Kindergarten, Edison Elementary School, 8 years
Kinsey Nickell, First Grade, Prospect Point Elementary, 2 years
Margo Piver, Library Media Specialist, Walla Walla High School, 21 years
Paul Starkebaum, Physical Education Specialist, Sharpstein Elementary School, 7 years

Michael Erickson, Para-Educator, Lincoln High School, 4 months
Jessie Huntington, Bus Driver, SE Transportation Co-Op, 6 years
Denise Ongers, Assistant Secretary, Blue Ridge Preschool, 19 years
Sarah Villanueva, Para-Educator, Green Park Elementary, 1 year

Ana Aguilar, Family Advocate, Blue Ridge Preschool, 4 years (August – December 2016)
William Heiser, Trades Assistant, Facilities and Operations, 26 years (June – August 2016)

District Office Summer Hours

Starting Monday, June 13, 2016, Admin Building Summer Hours:
- 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (closed for the lunch hour)
- 1 to 4 p.m.

Berney and Sharpstein Elementary principals named; Coffman takes district office leadership position

Walla Walla Public Schools Board of Directors unanimously named Michelle Carpenter the new principal of Berney Elementary, Maria Garcia the principal of Sharpstein Elementary and Kerri Coffman Director of Assessment and Special Programs.
Carpenter, a 5th grade teacher at Green Park Elementary, replaces Christy Krutulis who earlier this spring accepted the district’s Executive Director of Teaching and Learning position. Garcia, the district’s Assessment Coordinator and former school psychologist, takes over for Matt Bona who has taken a position with Educational Service District 123. Coffman transfers from the district’s Director of Preschool programs to the central office to oversee many of Garcia’s former assessments and to manage federal grant programs.
Carpenter is a National Board Certified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She has 20 years of experience teaching, including 14 years at Green Park Elementary. Garcia has a Master’s of Education in School Psychology, has taken courses toward an Administrative Certificate from Washington State University and earned her Principal Credentials from Gonzaga University. She has been the district’s Assessment and Response to Intervention Coordinator for the past eight years. She also has 12 years of experience as a school psychologist. Coffman has been the Director of Preschool programs for the past seven years. She also served as a teacher, principal intern and instructional coach at Sharpstein Elementary for 12 years and a reading teacher at Berney for three years.
“It was a competitive and thorough process that highlighted a talented pool of applicants,” said new Superintendent Wade Smith, who officially begins his tenure July 1 and helped facilitate the hiring process. “These assignments align our strengths, talents, and needs to best serve our core mission of educating students.”
The district has posted a Director of Preschool Programs position. Carpenter, Garcia and Coffman begin their new assignments July 1.

School board approves 2016-2017 Walla Walla Valley Education Association bargaining agreement

Tuesday night, school board members unanimously approved the ratification of the WWVEA bargaining agreement for next year. Due to uncertainties about education funding in the future and how the state legislature will address the state salary schedule, levy cliffs, and other funding challenges, the teams agreed that a one-year agreement made sense at this time. Assistant Superintendent Chris Gardea said it was a collaborative process based on trust, mutual understanding of the issues and a willingness to solve problems.

Negotiating team members:
- Stephanie Gomsrud, Lincoln HS teacher
- Chris Gardea, Assistant Superintendent
- Margo Piver, WWVEA President
- Bill Jordan, Superintendent
- Mario Uribe, Edison teacher
- Christy Krutulis, Berney Principal
- Loretta Wright, Green Park teacher
- Ted Cohan, Executive Director of Business Services
- Keith Swanson, Wa-Hi teacher
- Dennis Matson, SEA-TECH and CTE Director
- Ruth Ladderud, School Board
- Derek Sarley, School Board
- Libby Thompson, Special Education Director

Community Facilities Task Force update

Task Force Co-Chair Paul Schneidmiller briefed the school board Tuesday night on progress of the group. This spring task force members held listening sessions with Walla Walla High School and Lincoln High School staff. Similar sessions are planned at Pioneer MS and Blue Ridge in the fall. The group has also received reports from Jon Gores of DA Davidson Financial and Architects West. Next year will include significant community involvement, according to Schneidmiller. 

District Names Graduates of Distinction Honorees for 2016

Walla Walla Public Schools honored this year’s Graduates of Distinction recipients during a June 7 reception in the Anne Golden Boardroom. This year’s recipients are: Jerry Zahl, Class of 1962; Gary Hanson, Class of 1976; and Mark Kajita, Class of 1987.

Jerry Zahl
According to his nominator, Jerry has a lifetime of history in the Walla Walla Valley as a “farm kid” and “giver” who sees good in all people. After college, he spent time in the Army then returned to Walla Walla to work in the farming/agriculture industry. Since retiring in 2012, his passion has been education and he, together with his fellow 1962 graduates, established a high school scholarship fund which now totals more than $50,000 and has benefited students from the class of 2013 forward. His nominator was Judy B. Holloway and his most inspirational staff member is James McKay, his high school agriculture instructor.

Gary Hanson
A three-sport athlete and long-time band member, Gary was a very active student at Wa-Hi. He earned a business degree from Eastern Washington University and came back to work in his hometown. He recently retired as co-owner of Abajian Toyota. His nominators praised his strong sense of community and active roles in many civic and sports organizations. He and his wife, Terri, chaired the successful Sharpstein School Bond Campaign in 1999. His nominator was daughter Megan Watts and his most inspirational staff member is Glen Mitchell, his high school band director/instructor.

Mark Kajita
In addition to being only the third non-family President and Chief Operating Officer of Baker Boyer Bank, Mark was praised by his nominators for “having his heart in the community” and balancing family time along with his career. He is currently involved with the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation and Whitman College Board of Overseers, but over the years has worked with Walla Walla Housing Authority, Fort Walla Walla Museum, Rotary and the American Cancer Society. His nominator was co-worker Susie Columbo and his inspirational staff members were Bill Jordan and Phil Rolfe, staff members at Garrison who helped when he transitioned from College Place School District.

Staff Achievement grant recipients recognized by peers

Congratulations to this year’s Staff Achievement Grant recipients. Staff Achievement Grant recipients are nominated and chosen by teachers and support staff for superior performance; innovation; exemplary leadership; and exceptional service. The program started in 1988. Staff Achievement Grant recipients receive a $1,500 stipend and five days of paid release time for professional growth activities.

2016 Staff Achievement Recipients

Loretta Wright (Kindergarten Teacher – Green Park Elementary)
- Nominators: Laura Reiter, Gayle Harwood and Tensie Lovejoy

Connie Goude (Assistant Secretary – Prospect Point Elementary)
- Nominators: Gina Cox, Barb Casey, Brenda Prins and Diana Evenson

Michelle Higgins (Social Studies Teacher – Walla Walla High School)
- Nominators: Sarah Foster, Peggy Payne, Kim Kelsay, and Julie Cox

Brent Bieloh (Custodian – Pioneer Middle School)
- Nominators: Pam Nichols, Mira Gobel and Julia Woods

Shannon Ahrens (Science Teacher – Garrison Middle School)
- Nominators: Sue Schulz, Karen Bumgarner and Shannon Jones

School board public executive session and regular meeting June 21

- 3 p.m.: Executive Session (to discuss performance of a public employee - not open to public)
- 4 p.m.: Regular meeting: Tuesday, June 21 (open to the public)
- 5 p.m.: Superintendent Dr. Bill Jordan retirement celebration (open to the public)
- District Office (364 S. Park St.)

Dorn Recommends Five Dramatic Options to Supreme Court to Force Full State Funding of Education

Below is a statement from Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn on the amicus brief he filed in the state Supreme Court in the McCleary v. Washington case.
OLYMPIA — June 8, 2016 — For at least the past two years, I’ve consistently said that the state isn’t meeting its constitutional requirement to fund basic education.

And just as consistently, the state Supreme Court has agreed with me.

The 2016 Legislature did virtually nothing to change that. The deadline for meeting the requirements of McCleary v. Washington is in 2018. The deadline isn’t the Court’s, though: It came from legislation passed by the state.

In other words, the Legislature is nearing its self-imposed deadline.

On June 7, my office filed an amicus brief with the state Supreme Court. Initially, I was hopeful that the Court’s $100,000-a-day fine to the state would be enough to spur action. It was not.

So tougher sanctions are now needed.

In the brief I present the Court with five options:

Hold individual legislators in contempt and subject to a remedial penalty
- Prevent the payment of special levy funds to school districts
- Prevent the operation of certain state tax credits and exemptions
- Prevent the expenditure of non-education state funds that are not constitutionally required or otherwise necessary
- And finally, close our public schools until the legislature makes real progress in fully funding our schools

As I note in the brief, the Court previously stopped imposing the $100,000-a-day penalty on the state while it was in session. Along those lines, I would support stopping the fine if the Legislature holds a special session on funding this fall or if new members are required to attend an education workshop, where they will learn about basic education and their constitutional duties regarding basic education.

These options are dramatic, but it is clear by now that the Governor and the Legislature will continue to ignore the Court and continue to avoid doing their constitutional duty until the Court does something dramatic. That time has come.

It saddens me that we’ve come to this point. It saddens me that not enough legislators either understand or care about the fact that providing an ample and uniform education is this state’s “paramount duty.” Our constitution names no other paramount duties but education. Yet basic education continues to be underfunded, as well as funded unequally. Our students deserve better. I hope the Supreme Court understands this and takes real, meaningful action.

School Stories
Walla Walla High School track ribbon cutting ceremony opportunity for celebration

Wednesday, the ribbon was officially cut on the new, nine-lane, blue track at Walla Walla High School. Private donations spearheaded by Scott Krivoshein of Big Blue Boosters funded approximately $650,000 of the project. Walla Walla Public Schools contributed $300,000 to finalize the necessary funding of the project, which included $50,000 to add the ninth competitive lane and blue surface.

“This is above and beyond my expectations,” said Track coach and Physical Education teacher Eric Hisaw, who has spent his entire career bussing track athletes to Martin Field for practice and competitions. “I want to thank Big Blue Boosters and the school board for providing us the best facility money can buy.”

Previously, Walla Walla High School was the only 4A school in the state to have a cinder track for physical education classes and track and field competitions. The new rubberized track will be used for physical education classes, track and field practice and competitions, special events and is open to the public when not in use by the school district.

“We wanted to leave a legacy for generations to come with this project,” said Krivoshein, who is a 1983 graduate of Walla Walla High School. “We have more goals for this facility, but today it is time to celebrate our accomplishments and the legacy we have started.”

Preschool to begin offering transportation next school year

Walla Walla Public Schools Head Start/ECEAP Preschool will be reinstating a transportation model beginning in the fall.  Applications are being accepted now at Blue Ridge Elementary School. Call (509) 527-3066.

Walla Walla High School teacher featured in Whitman School Outreach Newsletter

The Whitman College Spring School Outreach newsletter is available to public view. Click on the link below to learn more about Walla Walla High School teacher Sherry McConn, and to see other ways the district is partnering with Whitman College.


21st Century Learning BMX team competes in state event 

The Garrison Middle School 21st Century BMX Team recently participated in the Walla Walla State Race where   350+ riders competed.  The following students participated: Svanni Sublett, Michael Muniz, Gus Briand, Kyler Filan, Josh Mills, and Trevor Gogl.  William Hammond, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator, coached the team.

Field trip helps Walla Walla High School students learn about Watershed

Recently 26 Walla Walla High School students in Mary Burt’s Freshman Science class went on a field trip to learn about the local Walla Walla Watershed. Students started the day at Whitman College learning more about water and how it flows through ecosystems, before traveling to Rooks Park to learn how the watershed in Walla Walla is organized. Students also took a tour of the waste water treatment plant to see what happens to our water after we have used it.

“Many thanks to Heidi Chapin and Professors Frank Dunnivant and Nick Bader for organizing and leading the trip as well as the staff at the WW Wastewater Treatment plant for the tour,” said Burt.

Summer youth athletic camps offer opportunities to develop skills

Walla Walla High School Athletics is hosting a variety of summer sports camps for area youth. A complete listing is available online. Take advantage of these opportunities to develop athletic skills and have fun.
Summer Kids Camps: http://wahibluedevils.org/athletics/athletics-info/summer-kids-camps

Community Stories

Camp Fire Super Summer in the Park

Camp Fire's Super Summer in the Park Day Camp is open for registration! Super Summer in the park is located at Wildwood Park and takes place weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. throughout the summer. This fun and engaging day camp is open to kids entering first through sixth grades. Camp Fire Walla Walla’s programs immerse campers in nature to learn, explore, and grow together while developing a lifelong respect for the outdoors. Past participants agree, Camp Fire offers a variety of activities to make our camper’s day camp experience unforgettable! It’s a five day exploration to find their spark and create a camp experience that is truly unique to their interests. For more information and to register online, visit www.wwcampfire.org. Financial assistance is available. 

Parks & Recreation update

- UPLAY - Ages 7-12 - June 13 - Aug 1 - M-F 10 am-3pm.....Free drop in day camps, Free lunch provided
- Youth Free Summer Meals....No registration necessary, drop in meals available for ages 1-18 years or those 19 and over with a mental or physical disability at multiple sites through town

Youth Sports Camps & Lessons
- BMX Lessons Ages 8-15 $97 Fee's include insurance and yearly membership
- Little Kicks Soccer Ages 3-5 $46 July 12 - 28
- Whittie Lacrosse Camp Co-Ed - Grades 4th - 8th $45 August 2-4
- Camp Jump Start - Hiking Ages 7-12 $46 August 1-4
- Youth Track & Field Clinic Ages 4-12 $30 August 20
- I Love Cheerleading Camp Grades K - 5 $45 August 10-12
- UK International Soccer Camp Ages 4 - 18 price varies July 11-15 Registration available at www.uksoccer.com<http://www.uksoccer.com>
- Youth Tennis Lessons Ages 6 - 18 $50-$70 June 20-July 20
- Youth Golf Lessons Ages 7-16 $35 June 7-9, June 21-23, July 12-14, July 26-28
- Fencing Lessons Ages 9-17 $38-$48 June 1-26

Youth Sports Leagues
- NFL Flag Football League Co-Ed grades 2-8 - $55 - July 11-August 12
- Fall Youth Soccer League Ages 5-14 $50 Registration deadline is June 30
- Summer Swim Team (SeaMonkeys) Ages 16 & under $77 June 13 - August 5

Jefferson Pool Open Swim Ages 10 & under $1(Saturdays are free) June 13 - August 16 Monday-Sunday 12:30-4:30 pm
Swimming Lessons $35 Parent Tot:

Adult Fitness & Enrichment
- Nia - Ages 12 & up $40 - $140 April 19 - June 5
- Bellydance Classes - Ages 12 & up $65 May 3 - June 23
- Gentle Yoga with Yoga Nidra Ages 12 & up $51 - $68 June 2 - August 4
- Pickle Ball for All! 16 & Up $45 May 23 - June 23
- Pottery Painting Studio Open Thursday - Sunday
For more information on these programs or to register, please go to www.wwpr.us. Like on Facebook! www.facebook.com/wallawallapr

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